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The majority of rivers are open between the months of October and April.

Some spawning rivers, which flow into the major lakes are open between November and April.

Lake fishing is available all year round.


Southern New Zealand offers unrivalled opportunities for anglers of all persuasions, with Rainbow and Brown Trout fishing waters only minutes or hours away by car, and/or only a brief flight by helicopter.  

Spectacular South Island scenery and world class crystal clear fishing waters make this region a premium destination for sportsman and nature enthusiasts alike.  

Specialising in tailoring packages to suit your fishing skills and needs, Big River Safaris is able to offer half day to extended overnight expeditions. If required, your equipment can be provided and accommodation can be arranged for you and your party. 

In the lakes (Hawea, Wanaka, Wakatipu and Dunstan to name a just a few) and the many crystal clear tributary rivers (too many to name!) there are high numbers of Brown and Rainbow Trout. While it is not uncommon to find fish well in excess of 6 pounds (and sometimes exceeding 10), the average fish likely to be hooked by fisherman is between 3 - 5lb. 

Chinook salmon are found in all of the lakes, and if in search of something a little different (season dependant), you can fish for large sea run trout, which arrive in a number of our coastal bound rivers around October. Sea run trout frequently exceed 10lbs and 5-7lbs are common.  A good sized sea run trout will test even the most seasoned of anglers!  

In the mountain Rivers and lowland streams sight fishing is the preferred method of choice. You can match the hatch (dry fly), or fish with a nymph, wet fly or lure. Fish can be targeted at any time of day, and depending on the fitness of you and your party, you can cover as many miles as you wish!  

The lower South Island offers exceptional fishing, so start planning your New Zealand fishing trip with Big River Safaris today!