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Red Stag


Stags carry hard antler between the months of March until September.


Red deer were introduced to New Zealand in the mid 1800’s from England and Scotland and adapted  quickly to living in New Zeland’s rugged alpine tops and bush clad valleys. They spread very quickly and within a short establishment period grew world class antlers, many of which were taken as famous trophies  in the early 20th century.

Through the mid 20th century the Red deer multiplied prolifically forcing New Zealand’s Government of the time to employ proffessional cullers to control the increasing numbers. Although Government employed Cullers played a vital part in controlling deer numbers, it wasn’t until the advent of the wild venison industry (1960’s), followed by  live capture and farming of Red deer that the numbers began to come under control.

Today we enjoy some fantastic Red deer hunting opportunities as the trophy quality has once again improved to a world class standard.

Big River Safaris can offer both free range and  trophy estate hunts, which are especially popular during the “roar “ period, which is from mid March to late April. There is nothing more likely to impress a big game hunter than a mighty roar from a Red stag at close range.