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Bull Tahr & Chamois


Tahr: Can be hunted all Year (Bull Tahr rut May/June)

Chamois: Can be hunted all Year (Buck Chamois rut May/June)


In 1897 the Duke of Bedford took a number of Tahr from India back to his estate in England. Six progeny of these Tahr were gifted to New Zealand in 1904. They were transported on the S.S. Corinthic. Only five arrived in New Zealand, after one escaped from confinement and leapt to the seas. The remaining five were liberated near Mt Cook in the Southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island, where they have continued to thrive since. Needless to say, the descendants of this liberation now provide a magnificent hunting resource. 

Hunters owe the Duke of Bedford a debt of gratitude for the opportunities he has provided. Not only did he donate Tahr but also Chamois (eight animals in 1907), which now like Tahr, are well established in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.   

Big River Safaris offer guided hunts for both of these magnificent species, which provide for a great challenge in the foot hills and mountain splendour of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. 

A high level of fitness is preferable and will increase the enjoyment of your hunt. While it is not necessary to be able to climb amongst bluffs, these animals are frequently found at higher altitudes and therefore most hunts will require a climb to reach them.